Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&Sport, Władysławowo Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&Sport, Władysławowo
Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&Sport, Władysławowo
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Sustainable development

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Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&Sport, Władysławowo


Sustainable development is one of the key commitments of Gwiazda Morza. A close relationship with nature means inspiration and commitment. The region of the Hel Peninsula and Northern Kashubia is a rich cultural heritage, with its beautiful surroundings and a diverse local community. Running a business in the tourism industry is also a huge responsibility. For the staff we employ, for the property serviced, for clients and other stakeholders. Maintaining all three of these areas - ecological activities, community service and meeting business expectations is a real challenge. But there are no coincidences in life, and we want to act consciously and encourage others to do so.


We virtually submit our first Sustainable Development Report to you. We want to share what is important to us. In the Symbiosis Report, you can find a lot of interesting facts about the scope of our activities that go far beyond providing services to clients. This way, we want to invite you to talk about the everyday life of each of us, what we do for ourselves, our surroundings and what we want to leave behind. We provide the report only in electronic version to reduce paper consumption.


We are ecological

Zero waste policy, systems monitoring energy consumption, air and water quality, or allowing contact with the customer without the use of paper. In addition, eco solutions in the rooms and numerous activities to help nature. Only so much and a lot at the same time.


We support the community

We promote the region, local entrepreneurs and their products as well as craftsmen. We cooperate with artists, promote physical and mental well-being, and implement solutions ensuring safety. And we also cooperate with charitable institutions, including foundations and associations. It takes so little to create a community of people and companies that support each other and trust each other.

We operate economically

We employ, train and share knowledge. We use government solutions, we pay taxes. We make sure that customers come back to us and recommend us to others, we ask them for their opinion. We value high quality and transparent communication, and we receive awards for our hard work.

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