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Max. 4 pers.
46 m2
1 large bed + double sofa bed
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Copenhagen is considered to be the world's happiest city and perhaps that is why the world's first museum of happiness was opened there. The city is also famous for having the highest number of cycling paths and Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. It is a world made for children. Tivoli Gardens were the inspiration for Walt Disney to create Disneyland, and Denmark itself has been invariably associated with the Lego bricks popular among both children and adults.

In the harbor of Copenhagen, there is a statue of The Little Mermaid by Edvard Eriksen. The fairy tale was written by Hans Christian Andersen. The sculpture is over 100 years old as did the author of the fairy tale it has not had an easy life. It has been subjected to vandalism numerous times. Once thrown onto with paint, it has lost an arm and its head twice, and it has also been blown up unintentionally. She has also fallen victim to censorship on Facebook. Her image was blocked for showing nudity. It was only after the Danish woman MP intervened that Facebook moderators unblocked the Little Mermaid's image.

Apartment 320 Copenhagen with an area of 46 sqm provides comfortable conditions for relaxation. It is decorated in a style inspired by nature such as a beach, dunes, and moored fishing boats. It offers a fully equipped kitchenette and a living area with the possibility of preparing an extra bed for two. There is also a separate bedroom with a bed and a comfortable bathroom with a shower. The biggest advantage of the Copenhagen apartment is a large private terrace with a view of the Seaside Landscape Park and the Baltic Sea.