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Max. 4 pers.
54 m2
1 large bed + double sofa bed
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Rostock. The quiet perhaps best captures the essence of this place. No one is in rush. It is surrounded by picturesque architecture and each path leads to the beach. When the town became a major tourist port in Germany, it was necessary to introduce the order of leisure, water baths and sunbathing in a swimsuit only, because culturally all the neighboring beaches were famous for the local nudists.

That was the inspiration behind the idea of referring to one of the most famous German fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers - the story of Snow White. The main message of this story is to show how destructive jealousy and comparing oneself with others could be. The attitude of the residents proves that openness to people and not taking ourselves too seriously can create a space for total relaxation and a positive attitude to life.

Apartment 410 Rostock with an area of 54 sqm provides comfortable conditions for relaxation. It has been furnished in a style drawing from nature, cozy wood in this case. It features a fully equipped kitchenette and a living area with the possibility of preparing an extra bed for two. The apartment also offers a separate bedroom with a king-size bed and a comfortable bathroom with a shower. The biggest advantage of the apartment is a large private terrace overlooking the Seaside Landscape Park and the Baltic Sea.