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Max. 4 pers.
46 m2
1 large bed + double sofa bed
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The Port of Gdynia is a dynamically developing Polish port, conveniently located in the Bay of Gdańsk area. It is known as the "Polish window to the world". For years, the Port of Gdynia has been using pro-ecological technologies in line with EU standards as part of the #greenport idea, which contribute to the maximization of quality and efficiency - all for the sake of sustainable development. The possibility of servicing any cruise ship that can sail on the Baltic Sea makes the Port of Gdynia an ideal gateway to the tourist attractions of Pomerania, as well as to other regions of Poland.

What are the key attractions on the cultural map of Gdynia? There is certainly a lot of them. You can visit one of the four theaters or v21 libraries whose activities are not limited only to providing book collections, but also to organizing the Seaside Reading Open Air or the City of Words festivals and Gdynia Literary Award. Gdynia is also a film city that is home to the Polish Film Festival. It also co-organizes numerous events. They include an event devoted to good design practices, Gdynia Design Days or the R @ Port Festival of Polish Contemporary Arts, which awards the most interesting Polish playwrights. There are also music events. For years Gdynia has hosted the Globaltica World Cultures Festival, Gdynia Classica Nova, Ladies' Jazz Festival and the world-famous Open'er Festival.

One of the first fans of Gdynia was Stefan Żeromski, at the urging of his friend, decided to come to the seaside, in the vicinity of Sopot, where the local climate was to help him not only regain his strength, but also facilitate his creative work. Ultimately, the choice falls on the then tiny fishing village - Orłowo. Żeromski comes here in May 1920. He lives in a small cottage, right next to the fishing harbor. He is delighted with the Polish coast and the Polish culture on the Baltic Sea, which was reviving after 150 years of partitions of Poland when it ceased to exist as an independent state. He uses his stay at the seaside to get to know the Kashubia region intensively. He makes numerous trips around the area, accompanied by both local guides and other artists, including the talented and only 21 years old at the time, Leszek Serafimowicz (Jan Lechoń).

Apartment 319 Gdynia with an area of 46 sqm ensures a comfortable environment for relaxation. It is decorated in a style inspired by nature, in this case, forest fruits such as wild strawberries, blueberries, lingonberries, raspberries, or blackberries. It offers a fully equipped kitchenette and a living area with the possibility of preparing an extra bed for two. The Gdynia apartment also includes a separate bedroom with a king-size bed and a comfortable bathroom with a shower. The biggest advantage of the Gdynia apartment is a large private terrace with a view of the Seaside Landscape Park and the Baltic Sea.