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Max. 4 pers.
40 m2
1 large bed + double sofa bed
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Tallinn derives its name from the Estonian words "taani linnus", which means "Danish castle". And looking at the Estonian capital having over 800 years of history, it comes as no surprise, as the entire city center is an open-air museum listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Interestingly, Estonia is still not popular among tourists. And yet it is worth visiting, for the white nights, the Northern Lights, and the countless number of meteorite craters.

In Poland, the opportunity to interact with Estonian literature is a rare sight, because novels from this country are rarely translated into Polish. That is why a real gem on the Polish market is "The Man Who Spoke Snakish", which brilliantly reflects the distinctive culture of the Estonian art which often combines surrealism with grotesque and melancholy.

Apartment 407 Tallinn with an area of 40 sqm provides comfortable conditions for relaxation. It is decorated in a style inspired by nature, cozy wood in this case. It includes a fully equipped kitchenette and a living area with the possibility of preparing an extra bed for two. There is also a separate bedroom with a king-size bed and a comfortable bathroom with a shower. The biggest advantage is a large private terrace overlooking the Seaside Landscape Park and the Baltic Sea.